Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"Miss Sheree," Loyal Library Volunteer

An Interview with Sheree Pollock

Sheree Pollock (aka "Miss Sheree") has been volunteering at CBI library ever since it was created. In fact, the Pollock family, along with the Feldman family, helped to establish the library in the first place! Miss Sheree can be found at the library most days of the week. She helps with administrative tasks, but her favorite thing is visiting the preschool classrooms to read to the children!

What was CBI library like when you started volunteering here?

It was totally different than it is now. It was much less organized and there weren't as many good books. Also, I didn't feel as if I had as many responsibilities as I do now. Our old librarian, Maria Walansky, was nice and had many talents, but I feel more relaxed working with Heidi, more at ease and comfortable. I think the kids like Heidi better too. I think it's really funny when kids mistake me for Heidi and sometimes call me "Miss Heidi." I think it's because we both read them stories and we both have dark hair!

What was your favorite book when you were a child?

Good Night Moon! I think my parents read it to me at bedtime a lot when I was very very young, the age of the kids I now work with. When my brother came along, I started reading to him. (He's 4 years younger than me.)

How do you feel when you are reading to the children?

I feel honored and I feel loved. The whole job is a joy and does not feel like work at all. Some of my favorite things to read to the children are books by Eric Hill (the Spot lift-the-flap books), Dr. Seuss (my tongue gets tied, and the kids think it's funny), and Jamie Lee Curtis. The kids will tell you what kind of books they want - they don't hold back!

What else do you do in library?

One of my jobs is to help Heidi check in books that have been returned to the library. I find it interesting to put the blue check-out cards back into the books because I get to read all the titles as I go, and it's nice to see the variety of books we have. It gives me ideas about what I'd like to read to the children next!

What do you like best about our library here at CBI?

To be totally honest, my favorite thing about the library is MISS HEIDI!

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Anonymous said...

i have retired from work,but even so...i still look for things that
maybe Heidi can a matter of fact,i just printed out 2 pages of
books by ERIC CARLE.some i know we
have,because i remember reading them,& the one's we don't,i'm sure
Heidi caan pick up somewhere!!
i wish her the best of luck,in her
searching.some books are out of print,so i KNOW she won't be able to get those.