Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Let's Get Started!

I got my name in lights with notcelebrity.co.uk

It's time to celebrate CBI's very own Feldman Children's Library with our first ever Library Blogathon! Throughout the day, I'll be posting fun stuff related in some way to CBI and to books & reading.

I'll be blogging all day to raise money to support our library, so please consider making a pledge! Any amount is acceptable, but I recommend starting with "lucky $18" -- the numerological equivalent of chai, which is Hebrew for "life." You can mail in or drop off cash or check at CBI, or you can donate online right now using your credit card (see the ChipIn box on the right)!

Even if you can't donate, I'd love to know you stopped by! Please post a comment or take part in the CBI survey you see on the right.

Happy Thanksgiving!
"Miss Heidi"

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